Création My first homemade advent calendar

Since I have my own home and a workshop for myself, it’s easier for me to let my creative side speak. As we approach Christmas, I thought I was too greedy to buy a simple advent calendar. So there is a short week ago, I started my own advent calendar.

The idea was to make small bags of different sizes that would contain small chocolate sweets I wanted to hang somewhere in our living room. I finished my last bag and installed the calendar lately last Friday night.

For supplies:
– I used Kraft wrapping paper and string bicolor purchased from Ikea
– Mini wooden tongs were found in Casa
– I decorated some bags with stamps that I bought at the exhibition Creations & Savoir-faire the previous weekend or those included in the Happy box of MyLittleBox
– For the labels of figures, I used a circular punch of 5cm diameter
– For sweets, I took my favorite chocolates in the supermarket!

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12 Comments on Création My first homemade advent calendar


  1. Ellybeth says:

    Très joli ! J’aime beaucoup les tampons :)

    • Kim says:

      Merci Ellybeth ! Je suis contente d’être tombée sur ces tampons, pas hyper chers en plus : 1€ pour les petits modèles et 2€ pour les plus gros.

  2. Stephaniieluvshopping says:

    J’aime beaucoup! C’est mignon :-)

  3. Claire says:

    Génial cette presentation, j’aime beaucoup le papier craft et les tampons fanions. Je viens de publier le mien, avec du masking tape !

  4. Marie says:

    Moi aussi, j’ai fait le notre avec gourmandises et petits cadeaux perso :)

  5. Designiz says:

    J’adore l’idée c’est super joli et en plus c’est écolo :)

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