How to last your manicure for 8 days or more ?

I don’t know what about you but me, which may discourage me to take care of my nails is to realize that the varnish doesn’t last long. I am fond of the French manicure ans sometimes I add patterns. You understand that I can be frustrated if my varnish peeling after 3/4 days while I spent between 1hr and 30min to beautify my nails.

My little trick was to keep short nails but it’s a good trick especially for women who have a base relatively long fingernail. And then, some time ago, I took a 20% off at Sephora for letting me tempted by RapiDry OPI Top Coat. The commercial argument, this is a nail polish drying accelerator (5min) and protects the varnish without more yellow. Last Saturday, I tested after a classical French manicure.

Product Reviews . Texture: the liquid is thick, not as smooth as a standard varnish . Application: Because of its density, it must make the brush does not leave a thick layer . Drying: in fact, after 5 to 10min the varnish is dry and hard! That’s great. . Protection: 8 days later, my nail is almost intact! On the white edge of the nail, no visible shell. By cons, in the opposite side there are little damages but in a French manicure, it remains almost invisible. What do you say? . Price: € 18.20 at Sephora

So for those who want to prolong their varnish and are tired of waiting for the varnish dries, I advise the RapiDry Top Coat OPI but hey, it costs an eye anyway …

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