Monomaniac can i do it gain ?

You may recall, in May I got a big crush on a bag that led me to my first (and only that matter) buying on eBay. A satchel bag that you can wear in the shoulder with a leather color that I adore (cognac / camel), a perfect size for me … While it’s simple, no frills but I also love the bag without fuss.

Here is September, the fall collections are coming and I want new things. And why not a new bag? Hihihi The fact is about the choice of bag, I’m pretty demanding as regards the practical side. It must be able to hold all my stuffs without being too big or too heavy load, zip up, stand shoulder. So, I really want to offer me an other Bahia (model name). And I don’t know about you but I am suffering from monomania. When I like a model, I want to have in several colors and if I could I would buy it in every color of Pantone … I try to treat me but sometimes it’s harder than others … So should I, could I buy a new Bahia?

Choice n°1 : dark grey Bahia In this picture, it seems more taupe than pur grey, that’s great non ?

Choice n°2 : blue Bahia I don’t have any blue bag… I think? I don’t know anymore… LoL

Then, what do you think ? I know that isn’t a hit bag, it’s not a satchel bag, that I don’t have (yet)… But can I buy it, or not ? Vendeur eBay // eBay saler : SAC-DESTOCK-2008

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