Parisian tourist

A few weeks ago, I proposed to my lover to enjoy the summer to re-visit Paris. Yes, we are born in the region, we live here, we are working here but we don’t really enjoy it… So we were into the game, chose a route to discover or rediscover the attractions of Paris.

First step, the district of Defence. I chose this first stop because the CNIT Fnac is one of the few stores in Paris with a corner IT Fnac. It was for my total geek minute.

After a certain wonder at all these colorful things which are as useless as indispensable, we stopped to see the Arc de Triomphe closer.

And before ending the day in a dark room, we walked down the Champs Elysees gently and quietly.

Jacket : H&M T-shirt : Pimkie Sarouel : NewLook – Acheté en solde / Bought on sale Shoes : Bata – Acheté en solde / Bought on sale Handbag : Minelli – Acheté en solde / Bought on sale Necklace : Hello Kitty by Victoria Couture Sunglasses : Dolce & Gabbana

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