Cute stuff what my Man brought back from Japan

As promised a few days ago, I show you here some surprises that my love backed from of Japan. There are many things and I show you just a part here.

A swarthy by Miyasaki bought on the Ghibli Museum and Kirby.

A canvas bag with lots of small strawberries. I immediately found its useful: I use it to carry my book.

A cute Kokeshi.

Pencils and some pens …

A Japan magnet for the fridge.

A lot of stickers to customize anything and everything. I immediately replace the missing stickers on the back of my mobile phone. The used stickers are from his first trip and the cupcakes are the newest ones.

A machine for making sandwiches to eat!

A lot of cakes and other sweets.

It was fun to spread at the foot of the couch everything he bought. I’ll show you the rest certainly with the next fashion posts.

And of course, I met him at the airport with some muffins…

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