Mufti Back to school

Last Friday at the office, we started the new season of Mufti game! The theme is very often chosen according the news and on the beginning of September, what could be the theme if it is: Back to school!? So here I am with a school uniform …

And few days ago, looking more closely in my things, I found this bag that I bought between 2004 and 2006. This isn’t really the Hit-bag of the season, but I think it has a few features that looks like a bag satchel not?

And here two pictures taken at the office. The first is a part of the dashboard that I use to announce the Mufti theme and the second was taken at breakfast.

Waistcoat : NewLook Shirt : H&M Skirt : Camaïeu Boots : Bata Handbag : H&M Headband : NewLook Necklace : Manège et chocolat Watch : Delta

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