Restaurant Le bistrot des dames

Greedy as I am, I continued to try new restaurants with my friends but I haven’t had much time to talk about it here … So here is an article about a restaurant in the 17th district of Paris.

Le bistrot des dames – French food

Food: I ordered a lovely salad with duck breast, gizzard and liver fatty … A true delight. My 2 girlfriends chose a lamb shank and chicken with a crayfish sauce. It was good and respectable portions. The choice is relatively small but there are good meals.

Price: There is no menu and it’s a shame. So, prices go up rather quickly when you want to take a dessert. Let’s say it stick to prices in the capital.

Setting: There is a lovely small terrace accessed through the basement but beware, it is necessary to book to make sure that you will have a table, even on a weeknight. Unfortunately I have no photos …

Service: We had a new waiter who was badly took my order and I had to wait my meal but nevertheless he was pleasant.

Conclusion : Go to try !

Bistrot des Dames 18, Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris Tel : 01 45 22 13 42

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