Cinema A crush

My evenings in cinema’s room are a bit rarer now, once a week… In October, I went to see some movies more or less interesting but the last I saw was a real crush.

Despicable Me

Overall, I’m quite a fan of animated films. And when I saw the trailer for Despicable me with all the Minions, I was excited. I went without expecting anything and I loved it! Well, the story is relatively simple but for me this film is full of Love. I was expecting a big bad Gru treating his Minions as slaves and with malice and in fact … Well, I don’t want spoiler you but it was really good! And again, I was blown away by the soundtrack made by Pharrell Williams! What happiness!

The scocial Network

Critics have been good and I actually had a good time to discover the birth of Facebook. But then I came away relatively confused by what engineering Mark Zuckerberg. I often say that “Business is Business”, but I really despise the person described … Anyway, this is again a purely subjective decision.


And here’s a musical bonus!


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