Restaurant Aki

Japanese food is not only composed by sushi and california maki … Among my Japanese restaurants adresses I say traditional, there is Aki.

Aki – Japanese food, speciality Okonomyaki

Food: The specialty of this restaurant is the Okonomyaki. You will say “But what’s that?” but I’m sure you’ve already heard about this pancake. Remember the cartoon Lucie love and rock & roll? De Luciea and Romeo? It is up to you now? In fact, this is an omelette pancake with cabbage and we like it or not and I can understand that it may seem very strange … My lover had ordered a curry rice and Okonomyaki Pork and me Teriyaki don (caramelized chicken with rice). We feasted!

Price: Very reasonable for a restaurant at 2 steps from the Place Vendome. For 1 entry, 1 meal (soup + salad + Okonomyaki) and a meal we paid €27. The plate are available à la carte menu or in menu seldom exceeding €15

Setting: Very simple and sober but very Japanese style. There are 2 rooms and the basement gives a view of the bar / kitchen where you can watch the chefs stir-fry noodles (yakisoba) and make Okonomyaki on hot plates.

Service: The waiters / waitresses are very speed but seen the crowd and the queue, it’s best!

Aki 11bis, rue Saint-Anne – 75001 Paris 01 42 97 54 27

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