Restaurant Estelle’s Café

I am a true gourmet and my friends are like me very curious when it comes to food. Last week, we chose a restaurant rather original in his food as the decor.

Estelle’s Café – Finnish food and world food

Food: It was the first time I tasted this food from the north. I ordered the famous Finnish meatballs accompanied by jams and purees. And one of my friends chose the cream of cauliflower. It was pretty good and homemade! I loved and appreciated, but nothing more …

Price: In the evening, the price seems high. Meal between 15 and 22 €, and desserts up to 11 €. By cons, it seems that the lunch hostess offers a menu entry + main meal or main meal + dessert to 13 €

Setting: Mismatched tables and chairs, colorful sets of tables as walls covered by paintings and other pictures. I enjoyed the place very warm with the lights dimmed.

Service: This is Estelle who received us warmly and his little accent adds a little more.

Estelle’s café 47 rue Léon Frot – 75011 Paris

Métro Charonne 01 40 24 01 24 –

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