Before it’s getting cold

Here is a mid-season outfit. And yes, I think I got it. A few months ago, I was desperate because I didn’t know how to dress for the mid-season, now I’m more than that with my short skirts.

Here an outfit whose items haven’t been acquired from sales, but by private sale more than one month ago and they are all from the same brand. And it’s pretty funny because it’s only after I had unpacked the package at home that I realized that the items matched pretty good together!

Personally, I buy by (mini) crushes and I don’t ask myself: “But what I will wear that? How do I include it in an outfit? ” It’s often only once at home I wonder how, I imagine combinations etc..

And what about ? How do you shop ? By desires? On purposes? By crush? In anticipation of a possible combination?

Top : Pull&Bear Cardigan : Pull&Bear Skirt : Pull&Bear Boots : André

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