Night flowers

I keep in my tracks: my finds of sales. I don’t know what you think about this edition, but I find the treasure caves are not really at all street corners and is very heterogeneous within a single brand stores. So you have to play explorers, going from shop to shop to find the beads to take home.

Did I tell you I loved little skirts? And powder pink? Well if it hadn’t been done, now it is! I love little skirts and pink powder!

Today, I show you a pink sweatshirt from NewLook with a few lines of sequins. A skirt that looks like old wallpaper but I love it!

My Man doesn’t like this skirt, but it seems to me so cute with these little pink flowers.

Sweat shirt : NewLook Skirt : Camaïeu Tights : H&M Boots : Bata

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