Some flowers just before the spring time

I’m not a weather girl and I’m far from the funny and beautiful Charlotte Lebon, but here I speak very often about the mercury and the color of the sky. Today I won’t give up while the temperature is softening and I can release a new skirt.

Once gain, everything is in the skirt and the rest is sobriety. A very fluid flowered skirt in autumn colors with a really simple beige jumper. And again, it’s a piece I brought home during the pre-sales of Etam.

Now let’s talk about serious things. The good deals are now quite rare in shops while sales will last two more weeks… I don’t know about you, but I still try to fine things to buy here and there. Sometimes I leave empty-handed (and my wallet is happy) and sometimes I bring a few pieces at home. And then what about you, how do you “sale”? 1. You’re a sprinter: You attack the early days and the race ends after the first 8 days? 2. You are a marathoner: You start slowly but surely the race and continue for 4 weeks?

Pull-over : NewLook Skirt : Etam Tights : NewLook Boots : André

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