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Few weeks ago, I discovered the blog with the portrait dedicated to Adeline Klam. Since, I became a fan of this blog which is full of good news about home made stuff made in France: a portrait of Creators and dates of exhibitions. When I discovered that tickets for an exhibition for bloggers organized by A Little Market were involved, I did not hesitate a second. When I was contacted to say that one of the places was for me, I was happy!

I must say that it was a moment that I wanted to go one of these shops such as Les fleurs, Le Corner, La boutique etc. I told myself that it was now or never. And I was also glad to meet a blogger: my very first time.

The evening was very nice, especially because I met Agathe author. Agathe is a woman full of energy and enthusiasm. I’m a kind of person who has little trouble taking the first step toward people, but it was very easy and natural to start the conversation with her! About the stuff displayed in A Little Market ephemeral store, here are some pictures taken during the evening.

The A Little Market ephemeral shop opens its doors until April 8 (37, rue des petits stables – 75010 Paris). Make it a ride, there are plenty of pretty things!

The shop is really nice, well furnished and all of the creators have their own universe!

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