Today, I am a princess… (end)

Fifth and last article about my 27th birthday. Today I’ll talk to you and show you a few gifts I received. And to do so, I took some pictures the day after my celebration organized at home.

The night before I went to bed at around 4 am to tidy and clean apartment. And yes, I am one of those who do not go to bed, leaving the glasses and plates around the room … So I gathered the homemade masks and other accessories, hook the garland of flags, etc.. For cons, I let the pastel balloons …

And here are the gifts from my friends.

. A great pair of leather gloves (Carroll). It was part of my wish list prepared almost a month earlier! You’ve already seen here because they offered me earlier in the week. Well, the weather is now much softer, so I can’t get them out … But see them next year!

. Mini plush mustache Labbit. It’s my love who offered me it and you’ve already seen here. . A Pantone pink mug. I rarely drink coffee or tea but I love this mug. Professional bias and also a strong taste for pink oblige, I love it! . A pair of earrings Agatha (also pink)!

. A handmade bag for knitted stuff made by a friend of mine. Is she really good my friend, isn’t she!? Moreover she got stack on what I want and need! I was looking for a bag to store my knits!

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