It smells good summer time

Today in Paris, the weather was particularly beautiful. And that’s good because it was precisely the day that my N+1 chose to organize a team picnic.

At the lunch break, it was with our sunglasses on nose, tablecloth and throws under our arm that we went on the tip of the Ile de la cité. We sat quietly between the Samaritaine and firefighters to enjoy the sun.

Because we’re fairly well organized, we expected the pretty cups, plates, cutlery and napkins matched with the tablecloth. All this stuff comes from our new favorite store, I named Hema.

Everyone should bring a dish salty or sweet. In salty, we had a quinoa salad, skewers cherry tomatoes – mozzarella, tuna salad, rice and broccoli.

Being appointed to bring sweet dish, I decided to cook some colorful cupcakes. I just found THE recipe for topping that I was looking for and it was a real succes with my colleagues.

And so it was between cupcakes and champagne bubbles that we finished lunch iunder the sun. The weather was so good that some people get a sunburn!

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