Foire de Paris 2011

This year I had the pleasure to browse the many aisles and halls of the Foire de Paris exhibition. And this year, I came back home with arms full of things more or less useful. After my feedback about the Lilibricole workshops and my flowers French with a plate of patterns bought at the exhibition, here’s my selection of photos.

// WELFARE, DIY & CRAFTS Perhaps because it is located near the entrance but I always start my marathon through the hall dedicated to the welfare and DIY. Between the stands for arts and crafts, massage chairs and original jewelry, this year there were a lot of dealers’ Konad. More and more people like it! Well, I’ll write about my Konad’s purchases later.

// WORLD CULTURES So those are my favorite halls because it’s a real journey steps after steps. For lunch, I love taking a bokits and a coconut sorbet which smell the Caribbean. But, it is always difficult to choose what to eat …

// HOME Even if what is proposed is not always renewed from year to year, I always enjoy ambling through the aisles dedicated to the Home.

Well, I avoid the the pictures of the hall dedicated to the gadgets, but I assure you I still enjoy seeing the demonstrators to prove that the knife cuts, the wax shine leather, that hangers are perfect for clothes etc.. To conclude, I love the 2011’s Foire de Paris, even if we still find very often the same things from year to year and even if there is too crowded. I love visiting this giant and international on-set TV show where we can find anything!

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