Manicure Here comes the sun

New week, new manicure! Friday afternoon I went for a ride to Kiko of the “Forum des Halles” in the idea of ​​testing their nail polish. I left with, among other things, sky blue and canary yellow. With the sun coming back, the pattern of the week was easily chosen: sun surrounded by a sparkling blue sky with a few clouds.

First impressions of the nail polishes which cost €2.50 the flask of 11ml. With a layer of blue # 340 and yellow # 279, the coverage is not perfect, but according your the level of requirement, this can be quite good. Here, I preferred to add a second layer. The brush is good. About the life time of these nailpolish, I could tell you more next week. So then, I wish you a beautiful week. Edit: Here are my final comments on the Kiko nail polishes. Compared to the Elf nail polish, the Kiko nail polishes have a better hold. Knowing that after each manicure I add a layer of OPI RapiDry Top Coat (which I mentioned here): Elf varnish begins to crumble after 4 or 5 days. With the same layer OPI RapiDry Top Coat, the Kiko nail polish crumble after 6 or 7days.

Blue nail polish : Kiko 340
Yellow nail polish : Kiko 279
White nail polish for parttern : Konad
Plate of pattern : Konad M79

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