Manicure Bare leaf

New week, new manicure! If the two last nail arts presented here were very colorful, this week I opted for something “natural”. Natural with a nude color, natural with a pattern of foliage.

This week-end I visited my Mom and I borrow one of her OPI nail polish… In general, I don’t buy me nail polish of brands because I think they are to expensive. First Impressions: – The color is not unique especially because Elf provides the same (Innocent # 1562). – The varnish has a pleasant texture to the application and the coverage is satisfactory but not perfect. In fact, I had to apply the nail polish twice to hide the brush marks. – The time life will be judged in eight days!

Nude nail polish : OPI Bare it in Trafalgar square
White nail polish for parttern : Konad
Plate of pattern : Konad M83

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