Greece #3 Lindos

Following my journey on the island of Rhodes. Today, I’m taking you with me and we’ll visit Lindos which is located 55km from Rhodes and 1h of bus. This is one of the essential towns of the island, a city in Greece as we would imagine with all its white houses, the blazing sun and blue sky.

When you visit Lindos, we must take walking shoes, a large bottle of fresh water and a good sunscreen. If you feel weakened by heat and not brave enough to do the climbs, rent a little donkey!

First step of our visit, the forum of Lindos. To get there, we pass through small alleys with these white houses …

To visit the Acropolis perched on the rocky plateau, we must be prepared to get high. Along the way, the view is so beautiful.

Donkeys can drop you off at the foot of the castle but no further and it will do the rest of the way by yourself.  The views of the sea is beautiful and worth all the trouble that can be given to climb so high!

And there is nothing better than a plate of souvlaki and a cup of ice to recover from your emotions!

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