Hong-Kong Causeway Bay #3

New series of photographs dedicated to my very short trip in Hong Kong and now let’s talk about Causeway Bay. Shopping area, Causeway bay is the only district I visited except of my hotel and offices where I worked.

I’ve never been to Tokyo but I guess it looks like a lot with all those huge neon signs and the crowded streets, and moreover there is the Sogo shopping mall.

From what I saw in Causeway Bay, there are many great trendy and cozy restaurants as tiny restaurants where the food is very good and where you can eat for €3. I have also tried this small restaurant: a soup with noodles and a dozen of giant gyozas. Delicious and plentiful!

One thing I loved in Causeway Bay, is the mini mall Laforet. All dressed in pink, in this shopping center there are dozens of tiny shops that do only a few square meters and offering Japanese products. Clothing, accessories, makeup … I loved it!

And contrast of Hong Kong, between two large buildings there are small markets with tiny stalls offering clothing, accessories and food …

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