Hong-Kong The buildings #2

The first thing that I registered in Hong Kong is the immensity of the buildings. It is the city where the buildings touch the clouds. My series of photos is taken at night because as you know, it was a business trip and I could not spend my days as a real tourist.

My hotel and the offices where I wrked were on the edge of Victoria Harbor and my series of photos was taken between these two points. Super tall buildings alongside modern apartment buildings just as great and sometimes obsolete. The contrast is so obvious!

During my stay, my other friend was the huge Taikoo Shing mall. So huge that I lost more than once ^^ There is everything : clothing stores, shoes stores, restaurants, bookstores, ice rink, but mostly Western chains. That said, it was a pleasure to walk for a few hours, especially because it was open late and there was a direct access from the hotel!

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