·•●★* Happy new year 2012 *★●•·

New day, new year! We are now in 2012 and for the occasion…

I wish you a beautiful and happy new year! I wiwh you a colorful and enchanting year, not too greedy and full of surprises!

2011’s Review? Well I get 2 of my 3 2011’s targets!

1. Be as greedy as reasonable because the pounds linger and it’s so bad >> LOST! And I’m lost! Unfortunately I have not stopped gaining weight! But what can you do? I’m too greedy and when everything goes well, I enjoy life!

2. Doing sports more than shopping day >> I subscribed to the gym since September and I go fairly regularly when I’m not sick (I drag tracheitis in a month …). Unfortunately on balance it’s still bad bad bad … But I do not give up!

3. Increase my pay because there is no other way to make some projects >> On the professional side, everything is pretty good. It was a year with a very fast pace but I am delighted that the project I was working on is finally out! This summer, I was elected shop steward (worker’s representative). The goal was reached in 2011 which helped to achieve a major project but shhh! I’ll talk about it soon! In fact we are already at D-11!

Targets for 2012?

1. Stop gaining weight and in option lose the extra pounds that I took in 2011, 2010 and 2009 … (large program!)

2. Continue to do sports (anyway I have no choice if I want to get the target 1.)

3. Rise my pay further this year! hihihi Not bad isn’t it ? And for you then? You have made ​​resolutions?

PS : an overview of my outfit for New year Eve! I will show/tell you more tomorrow!

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