Manicure ❥ Stripes ❤

New week, new manicure! I’m done, I’m totally obsessed by stripes since I discovered the fabulous blog The Beauty department. After the stripes made with stickers, I decided to draw them by myself. In fact, the method with stickers was a failure for me because they were too thick and my nails too bent: the stichers began to peel from the sides.

I went to Kiko’s to buy some brushes and I get back to the famous beauty blog for inspiration and I opted for pinstripe seen here. I used a new color: a pretty green Milk Mint bought a gray day and a very soft orange bought a few weeks ago when the sun shone.

// This manicure in a few steps:

1. Paint your nails with your favorite colors

2. Wait until the background color gets dry and with a fine brush draw a line halfway of your nail with an opaque white nail lacquer. Draw two other lines from 3 or 4mm above and below the first line

3. For the heart,  follow the steps here

4. Finish with top coat!

 Mint green nail lacquer : #389 Mint milk Kiko
Peach nail lacquer : #359 Light Peach Kiko
White nail lacquer : White Konad
Brush : 401 & 404 Kiko

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