Manicure Greeny polka dots

New week, new manicure! That’s it, I left my stripes to make the lovely polka dots that I have not make for a long time now.

For this manicure, I get inspired by the incredible Pshiiitbut I opted for shades of green.

This manicure in a few steps: 1. Paint your nails with your favorite colors and wait until the background color gets dry 2. Take a bobby pin and dip it in a drop of nail lacquer : let’s get start ! Leave as many drops as you want, with 1, 2, 3 or 4 different colors 3. Finish with top coat!

Mint green nail lacquer : #389 Mint milk Kiko Turquoise nail lacquer : #344 Light Misty Green Kiko Hot green nail lacquer : #343 Spring Green Kiko White nail lacquer : Alpine now OPI

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