Manicure Let’s get stripes !

This week, I discovered a beauty blog (American I think) for which one I fell in love: The beauty department. Tutorials of makeup, hair tutorials, but mainly too cute nail art tutorial ! Beautiful images, detailed steps, it was enough for me to find inspiration for my manicure of the week.

So new week, new manicure! Failing to find the sun when I look at the sky, I would like like sunshines on my fingertips. But then, nails in hot yellow is not easy to wear. What is more, is hot yellow with white stripes as Maya the Bee in albino way. For this, I was inspired by the Navy nail art.

I used the same technique: stickers guide for French manicure. I confess to being delighted to find a new use for these stickers that I bought several years ago, before I learn to make the French manicure with just a few brushes. The effect is not as well as the nail art made by The Beauty department because I am obviously less gifted, but also because my stickers are larger and curved and I have very curved nails: difficult to keep the stickers on both sides.

Then, I wish you a beautiful colored week !

Yellow nail polish : #279 Yellow Kiko
Grey nail polish : #329 Pale Grey Kiko

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