Super Market 2012

As I told you in my last article, last weekend, there was the third edition of the exhibition Super Market. Personally, I had heard about that last year but too late, I already had something planned for at that time and I couldn’t go there. This year, I booked my Sunday to take a little trip and I haven’t been disappointed.

What I enjoy most is the atmosphere. The sun shining through the skylight and the light showed off all these colorful decorations: garlands of flags, paper flowers, lanterns, etc.. I loved it! And then the music was pleasant and catchy and there were concerts too.

Little plus of the Super Market: I registered for a workshop organized by Etsy dedicated to creating custom stamps. With Lili Mandrill and her explanations, I went back home with two pads that I created by myself. Well, I’m not really gifted but I’m pretty pleased with myself with my first test: the cloud, the second: the cupcake.

And inevitably, I didn’t come back home empty handed. Few stickers from Poissonbulle, 48 patterns of Fifi Mandirac, a book of fold by K Design, a roll of masking tape of My name is Simone.

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