Manicure Blue and hot green polka dots

New week, new manicure! So, as you have noticed, I failed in my little slogan and I was absent last week. In fact, as known by those who follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, I went three days in Spain with my Man and a couple of friends. Having spent my Sunday evening between the airports of Barcelona and Paris I have not been able to look after my small nails.

And then, because the changes of temperatures do not fit me, I got sick. Taking advantage of a sick leave spent under the duvet, I tried my small finds of Barcelona: Flormar nail lacquers. A bit like Kiko, Flormar is a cosmetic brand offering products at affordable prices then I could not resist and I left with five new colors including four here that I chose for my manicure.

As I share today my last week’s manicure, I’ll post this week not one but two (yes TWO) manicures this week!

Hot blue nail lacquer : Flormar Supershine #46
Green neon nail lacquer : Flormar Supershine #49
Light bleu nail lacquer : Flormar #423
Green bleu nail lacquer : Flormar #437

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