Manicure BiPink

New week, new manicure! Last week I tried for the first time the add striping tape on my manicure and unfortunately it went off very quickly due to quick dry which was too greasy. And here we are with another test.

This time, I dared the combination of 2 pink nail polishes and 2 different striping tapes. That’s a lot of colors but I could not resist! What do you think?

About the adhesive properties of the striping tapes (Peggy Sage for white and Pshiit shop for pink) I’m not completely convinced. They started to come off the day after even if I used an OPI quick dry top coat. Next time I will try with 2 layers!

Then I which you a sunny week !

Light pink nail polish : Nude #372 Kiko
Pink nail lacquer : 022 Princess Rare
White stiping tape: Peggy Sage
Pink striping tape : Pshiit boutique

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