Manicure Sweet hearts

New week, new manicure! So I admit that I wanted to do another test with striping tape this week because last time they did not last long with a single layer of top coat but, I ran out of time this week end!

Those who follow me via Twitter or Instagram, you saw that I was busy this weekend! And for those who missed the episode: I’m the proud owner of a beautiful bike (I had not done since I was a pre-teen!) And I also went to the hairdresser.

So, this Sunday (my dedicated day for cleaning and weekly manicure), I did a little ride by bike with my Love and it’s a little messed up my program and since I did not want to take too much time on my manicure I chose to make patterns rather than set up patiently striping tape…

Well, in the end it was a big mistake because instead of limiting myself to a single heart by hand, I went to put on all my fingers and I completely missed my right hand (drawn with the left hand while I’m right-hander). I lost time trying to catch the thing … Fortunately, I didn’t blow my left hand !

Then, I whish you a nice week !

White nail polish : Alpine snow OPI
Pink glitter nail polish : DS extravagance OPI

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