Manicure Golden powder

New week, new manicure! For the record, that Monday marks the return but for me it will be later on September. I’m not on vacation, but that date is going to turn a page for me since I’m going to change mission. I am currently at the same client for over two and a half years for me and soon I’ll go elsewhere!

In the meantime, I wanted sweetness this week. Nothing too much contrast, nothing aggressive, nothing too extravagant. So I chose a pink powder that I married with gold because I wanted to be good but not too much glitter!

So for those who will be back, I wish you good luck. For others who have postponed the celebration, I wish you a great week!

Light pink nail polish : Nude #372 Kiko
Gloden glitter nail polish: Glod microglitter #274 Kiko

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