Sew Hello bunny, my first purse for smartphone

It is with a touch of emotion that today I speak to you about sewing. A few months ago, I completely crushed with a sewing machine, my first … As for my Reflex camera, it took me a few weeks or even a little more to unpack the machine and dare to touch the beast. As for my first big camera, I think I was a little afraid to tackle anything. And finally, one summer afternoon I asked my man if he had an old t-shirt that I could use as a test and I made a pillow to heart cushion (photo on Instagram here et there).

As for knitting, I wanted to sewing because I love creating things by myself but mainly because I could not find what I was looking for in the market. And among the things that I did not find, there was a cover for my smartphone. I have a HTC and you know as well as me, industrialists only deal for products with the apple logo. So, I decided to create a custom case.

You know me well now, I love cute things. I love the things that when we take an eye on them 2 things happens:

1) we cry out loud “this is too cute!” in a long sigh

2) we feel an irresistible desire to have it for ourself.

So when I started in creating a cover I said I wanted it very cute with little bunny ears! So what do you think?

For more information:
– I drew the pattern myself on my HTC Desire measures,
– I bought the fabric for 6.9 € per meter at Toto’s in Paris in the 18th district and the pink ribbon in the market near my house,
– The label was ordered in and I am very happy! There are several different colors for embroidery text and also several colors for the ribbon color and you can even add small drawings!
– I added one layer of felt for each of the two sides to give some thickness to the cover. And felt was purchased from Tissue Reine

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