Barcelona Between the cathedral and the harbour (3)

Following my series of souvenir’s pictures dedicated to my short trip in Barcelona. Today, I am share with you my first afternoon in photographs. After visiting the Park Güell and a quick lunch, we ambled quietly through the streets of the old town, at the edge of the more modern part.

* * *

Among the things we saw, the Barcelona’s cathedral, surrounded by a pedestrian area.

And it was absolutely necessary to get the Placa Reial. For the record, the hotel where we stayed my classmates and I for the integration’s weekend was located on this site. It was almost 10 years ago. And I was especially happy to be back here that I was with one of my best friends Carole, met precisely during these 1st years at University! Her fiancé and my man work in the same firm soall of us benefit of this weekend organized by their works council!

For the rest and end of our afternoon, we took a drink at the Port Vell (sangria!) before eating our first paella, but I’ll talk about it next time!

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