Manicure Autumn colors

New week, new manicure! I admit, I can be a little stubborn sometimes. So when I had to beat a retreat to this beautiful burgundy face last week, I did not want to admit defeat and I here with relapse again.

You know what we say: “slowly but surely” and it’s again by small touches that I decided to color my nails with this color so imposing that is the burgundy. And bit by bit, I did it with my dotting tools and some seasonal colors for this manicure made by dots.

And then, I whish you a beautiful week, and moreover, it will be short and this is so good.

 Beige nail lacquer : #319 Light Dove Kiko
Light green nail lacquer : #345 Green Jade Kiko
Burgundy nail lacquer : #12 Bordeaux Essie
Ochre nail lacquer : #369 Light Ochre

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