Manicure Pink october

New week, new manicure! Here we are, it’s indeed autumn and October is well underway. You shouldn’t have miss it,  one week ago began Pink october: the campaign against breast cancer. On this occasion, I received a few days ago a small pink ribbon charm which was with two new nail lacquers offered by the site

Very pleasantly surprised when I discovered this new package and totally delighted when I found a color that I crave to have:the  pink You are not alone of the brand Orly. Then you have understood, I preferred delay the challenges of testing green Mojito Madness of Essie to immerse myself in this pink glitter. Excuse me for the quality of pictures, they have been taken indoors under artificial light.

As the colors match pretty well, I decided to test You are not alone of Orly with purple No more film of Essie. To accompany it all, I used again the light pink of Essie Lion around.

As I am not a big fan of dark colors, purple is not here the dominant color and I let myself tempted by triangles made thanks to tapes on 3 layouts.

And as I screw up with my right hand, and because I had no time nor the courage to repeat the procedure, I just put the purple on the entire nail of my right hand. So what do you think?

Base coat: 3-way glaze Essie
Pink sequins nail polish: Flash Glam FX – You are not alone Orly
Light pink nail lacquer: Lion around Essie
Purple nail lacquer: No more film Essie

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