Washi tape To color your mouse mat

It’s been over a year and a half now that I bought my first rolls of Masking tapes. Since my collection has grown as you have seen here and there. But I haven’t shown much what I was doing with that Masking tapes … So, today I decided you talked / showed my customized mouse pad.

Initially, my mouse pad was gray. It was certainly quite functional but sad as rain. To cheer it up and because I love colors I decided to align features in Masking tapes. And here is the result!

Nothing easier than making the mouse pad as original as gay!

Here some Tips:
– If the carpet is not new, be sure to clean it before to remove any trace of fat
– Depending on the material of your pad, Masking tape will adhere little more or less. Do not handle too much Masking tape before set it down a surface to be coated.

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