Manicure Some stardust

New week, new manicure! So this time I took for the first time a nail lacquer that I bought earlier this year: Sparkling Bue from Mavala. I bought it shortly before my move so I had stored in my boxes directly. When I set up my office with my shelves for the nails lacquers, I took it out but I have not found the inspiration…

By applying today, I wondered why I had taken so much time before using it! Upon reflection, I think it’s the blue that made me a little scared but with these silver glitter and little touches of red orange, this Mavala is amazing!

Here is a picture taken with my smartphone for Instagram before applying glitter. And then, I whish you a good week !

Beige nail lacquer : #319 Light Dove Kiko
Turquoise nail lacquer : #344 Light Misty Green Kiko
Sparkling nail lacquer : #225 Sparkling Blue Mavala
Light pink nail lacquer : Nude #372 Kiko

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