Sew Pincushion

When I started sewing, I had to equip all good seamstresses needed. Among those things, there is the door-pins I also called the pincushion. The commercial sold me my sewing machine had offered me but hey, I wanted a particular one so instead of searching in trade, I have done it by myself.

The idea: a cute pillow (this is mandatory) for sewing pins and that would be heavy enough to stay in place when I remove a pin. For this, I followed the tutorial that I had kept aside more than one year for the manufacture of a pumpkin and I recycled a small glass jar.

And here is the result! I replaced the stem of the pumpkin by a button. And once finished cushion and washed glass jar, I set down the cushion and cover pot with textile glue.

For supplies I used:
– From fabric flowers, fabric glue and thread sewing purchased from Hema
– From padding purchased from Toto in Paris in the 18th
– From embroidery floss purchased secondhand
– A button bought in sale at Moline’s in Paris in the 18th
– The glass jar is the tomato sauce that accompanies the pizza dough Croustipate if I remember correctly

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