Diy at Dawanda’s Factory

Last week, I went to the event Dawanda‘s DIY. One of the participants at the workshop to knit the collective work done for the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire had spoken so I kept an eye on the blog Dawanda to register.

The principle: from 18:30 to 21:30 the Dawanda Factory opens its doors for four workshops of DIY for novices to discover and test new techniques, meet the creators / bloggers who animated the workshops and especially have a good time in a good mood.

Personally, I went mostly for the workshop animated by Citronnelle-Eglantine I met a few weeks ago and whom proposed to create small baskets in trapilho crochet. I tried to start to crochet some time ago and despite the video tutorials on the net, I could not do it so I said it was the perfect opportunity!

The material with crochet, trapilho and tutorial as well as a nice table with colorful candy waited for us. And here I am hooking for the first time! With the explanations and patience of sweet Citronnelle-Eglantine, I could make a piece in no time!

Tadam! Here is my little pink basket, a bit wobbly but that is still my pride! And yes, it’s not bad for a first time! And since I started hooking alone! Have a look on my Instagram account.

Among other workshops, I lingered in the one dedicated to decorate scrapbooking labels. The first picture is the label I made myself! And finally, I went to decorate some sugar cookie dough! Well, mine are not very beautiful, but it’s a start!

Crédit photos : Dawanda – All the pictures of the events are available here

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