Diy Pompoms for Christmas crown

If the use was diverted from its first symbol, for me Christmas decoration can’t be completed without a crown hanging on the entrance door. With my man, we looked for a ready-made crown but we found nothing that we like. I began to despair when I found the fabulous crown of the blog Bee Made. I fell in love and when I showed it to my man, he told me we had to make one like that!

Here the list of supplies we used:
– Crown with false fir branches purchased from Casa
– 16 pompoms of 3 different colors
– Mini red balls bought at Ikea
– Mini wooden decorations bought at Paperchase’s corner at BHV Rivoli
– Mini bells also purchased at Paperchase’s corner at BHV Rivoli

For the pompoms , I took out some leftover yarn that I had stored and we bought two more new yarns Strass Light at  Phildar. I followed the pompom’s tutorial of Tika and I made 16 pompoms of 3 different sizes here are the dimensions.

– 3 large pompoms: external diameter of 16.5 cm and internal diameter of 7cm
– 5 pompoms means: outside diameter of 13.5 cm and an internal diameter of 8.5 cm
– 8 small pompoms: external diameter of 10 cm and internal diameter of 6.5 cm

So the hardest part is to define how many pompoms, what colors and how to dispose them on the crown. I followed my feeling and disposed the pompoms one by one.

And here the final result !

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