Manicure Cloud of pink glitter

New week, new manicure! I admit I was a bit lazy this week but I have a justification. Saturday I was invited to a wedding and as it was really cold, and because I’m a true old woman who doesn’t recover well after hyper super well animated evenings, I got up really late on sunday, and I had a nap much of the afternoon and didnt no anything else. So, I didn’t have much time to spend for my little nails.

I released this week for the first time that a bottle of glitter nail the website gave me a few weeks ago. Again I struggled to find how to combine these fuchsia glitter but here I started with a test with pink/grey.

I don’t know what to think about, is that not so bad or too weird? You say what? On that note, I wish you a great week! I have a lot to share and I just hope to have time to do all articles.

Pink nail lacquer : #377 Apple Blossom Kiko
Light grey nail lacquer : #329 Pale grey Kiko
Vernis à paillettes / Pink glitter nail lacquer : Ridiculously Regal Orly

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