Manicure Smocking baby!

New week, new manicure! A short ten days before Christmas I am more than ever on the lookout for new ideas / techniques for festive manicures and few days ago I came across a fabulous tutorial. In this video, we learn how to draw a smocking on the tip of the nail!

As I know I can’t do it right the first time, I started in this nail art for only one nail: it is faster, less stressful and annoying (when I missed). And for the other 9 nails, I opted for micro-glitter gold and leaving a tip of the little pink nude that I love so much appearing.

Well, I’m not very gifted and the bow is very rough but I’m pretty proud of myselft for the jacket that was drawn freehand. It is not so much a feat is far away, but it’s just that I usually do’ot have enough confidence in myself and I use tape to draw something very clean.

Then, I wish you a very good week !

Golden glitter nail lacquer : #274
Gold microglitter Kiko Grey nail lacquer : #400 Steel grey Kiko
Nude nail lacquer : #372 Nude Kiko

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