Couture Cover for notebook

A few weeks ago, when I was unpacking Chrstmas gifts I told you about my latest creation in couture. I had for Christmas an Eee PC for which I wanted to do myself a purse. Here is the result!

As I started sewing to avoid getting into trouble with beautiful fabrics, I prefer to do one or more tests before I started for real. Just after December 25, I made a prototype with an IKEA fabric purchased for only €3/meter. Here is the first test. I confess that it is very convenient to have this type of fabric because I’m less afraid. If I make a mistake with this fabric, it does’ot matter I can start again!

For supplies and details:
– I used Liberty fabric bought there is maybe 2 years ago at tissu Reine in Paris
– I doubled the cover with IKEA fabric that I used to make the prototype
– To give a little thick to the cover and protect a minimum the notebook, I put a layer of felt between the Liberty fabrics and lining
– A press stud is convenient but not super pretty! So I combined the two! I first introduced the snap fastener and after I sewed the button above.
– And finally the label was commissioned on

So, what do you think? I confess I’m proud for my first cover! hihi

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