Manicure Essie darling

Last year (late December 2012), I enjoyed a private sale : Essie private sale! I couldn’t do otherwise than validate a basket with 10 colors (and I think I have been reasonable). And against all odds, I received my package on the last day of December, while shipments were scheduled to begin in January! I was more than happy!

I chose a lot of pinks, but also some nude and metallic nail lacquers. I have only tested 2 bottles but I am delighted with the French version of the brushes that are wider and thicker than the American version.

For this first test, I married a beautiful light pink and a metallic gray that gives a little contrast to the manicure. And you guys, I’m sure you too have fallen for this sale? You took what colors?

On that note, I wish you a great week and a good return for those who just return from some days off. I went back last Thursday!

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