Restaurant Le Brasier, a winter restaurant

If just after Christmas and New Year someone invits you for a dinner in a Paris restaurant, what do you think? Well my friends they think about a restaurant where you can eat a lot of cheese! The week following the New Year with my friends I went to the Brasier. Very good idea if you know that one of my resolutions is to be more reasonable …

French food

Taste of the meal If you go into this kind of restaurant, you can not choose a salad! So we ordered tartiflettes and fondues. To accompany the meal, we ordered an assortment of meats. If my friends were regaled with fondue, I myself have a torn point of view about the tartiflette. I was particularly disappointed about the charcuterie plate. It looked like a plate came straight out of a hard discounter.

Settings With a pair of skis at the entrance, paneling walls and typical decorations, can not be wrong, you really feel in the mountains!

Service Nothing to say.

Price The price/quality rate is not good. Especially with a charcuterie plate between 6 and 8 € for quality under average.

Recommandation rate: 2/5

Le Brasier 58, rue Olivier de Serres 75015 Paris

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