Restaurant Sacré Frenchy !

A few weeks ago, my man wanted a quiet evening, we went to a small restaurant in the 9th district for dinner before going to see a comedy Trévise’s theater.

French food

Taste of the meal The starters were very satisfying: slices of warm goat for him, one block with Espelette pepper for me. By cons I was disappointed by my duck that had frankly not look fresh, as if it had been prepared well in advance and had expected in free air a day. For dessert, the chocolate cake was not a very good look. In short it was rather disappointing to me.

Settings With wooden furniture, the wooden floor and frames here and there, the atmosphere is rather cozy. The evening was rather quiet in the restaurant with only 1/3 of the room occupied. Service Nothing remarcable but I didn’t feel really satisfied.

Price Frankly expensive for what it is and luckily we had a discount!

Recommendation rate : 1/5

Sacré Frenchy ! 4, rue Rougemont 75009 Paris

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