Restaurant Pdg Rive Gauche

To continue my bad launched an unbalanced diet, I went with 3 friends and colleagues to an address that I already knew and whose specialty is burgers. North American Food

Taste of the meal With french fries and bun, the bun more than soft, I loved my Mexican burger with beef, cheddar cheese and guacamole. However, I find it a pity that the cheese was not melting. For dessert, I really enjoyed myself with Oreo cheesecake. My friends chose pancakes and cheesecake with berry coulis.

Settings Without much distinction. But little plus, a singer pushed the song with his guitar.

Service Very nice people and have humor, what more?

Price We booked through the Fourchette website so the bill was more than sweet. With a minimum order of starter + main course or main course + dessert, we had 50% off all the bill, drinks incl. With my soda XXL, a burger and a cheesecake, ot costs less than 15 €!

Recommeandation rate: 5/5

PDG – Rive gauche 5, rue du Dragon 75006 Paris

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