Rome Miscellaneous (1)

I just finished my series of photos devoted to my short stay in Barcelona and I’m talking again about travel today. In January, I went with three friends of mine in Rome for 3 days. Here is the first part in the form of miscellany. Enjoy!

And let’s me introduce my girl friends! From left to right Jennifer, Carole &  Sinthuga that I met 10 years ago on the first years of university. Since our college years, we used to go at least once a year together for long weekends or a little more. They are not at all familiar with “blogs” and this is why you see rarely their little faces here. I talk to them more and more of what I do through and for the blog and elsewhere and last week I took Sinthuga with me to a party. And this time for this visit I had their agreement to share, not only my photos of landscapes where I am standing alone but also our group pictures! So you’ll see them a lot on the newt posts dedicated to Rome!

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