Rome Vatican’s visit (3)

After a short night, on Saturday morning we went to the Vatican. Note for those who take an overnight flight to Rome, do not make a reservation for the Vatican for the first day and even less in the morning! I’ll tell you more in my next post, but to stary, here are some pictures taken on the way to the Vatican and especially the famous St. Pierre’s Square.

Surrounded by columns on either side, St. Pierre’s Square is located in front of the St. Pierre’s Basilica. It’s from here that the events take place and for me it was just like on TV! LoL

You can access to the place without special control. When we arrived, nearly a month after Christmas, we were surprised to see Christmas’ decorations: a huge Christmas tree next to the obelisk and a giant crib.

A follow St Pierre’s Basilica and its dome.

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