The new Stockholm collection of Ikea : I’m dying!

You discovered a few months ago when I shared with you the pictures of my apartment, including my office / workshop, I’m a big fan of IKEA. I love the lines, the variety, the color but also the price. Anyway, if I have time I will go to IKEA every week. Not necessarily to shop but to discover new products, new universe of decorating ideas even if we all know, it’s very difficult to get out of these stores empty-handed …

Last week I had the pleasure and the opportunity to receive thanks to my IKEA Family card an invitation to discover the new STOCKHOLM collection, part of the products will be launched in April 2013. The rest will come in August 2013.

The event took place in a gallery and the 1st floor has been converted into an apartment: bedroom, kitchen, office area, seating areas … I loved this scene, as in a catalog! For products: wood, natural materials, but also colors, everything I love! I’ll let you see in pictures!

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